March Madness Office Pools: Legal Tips for Employers and Employees

On March 12, ABC7 published an interview* with Roetzel attorney Jaime Maurer offering tips to employers and employees holding and entering college basketball office pools.
Jaime recommends keeping the stakes low, to maybe a $10 buy-in. She also suggests that employers use “a bit of a hands-off approach,” and that for both employer and employee, use moderation in approaching office pools.
“Don’t let it interfere with what it is we’re all at work to do, which is produce results,” Jaime cautions. “There’s no harm in engaging in these sorts of things, but try to do it on your own time. Try to do it off-site. Try to do it on break.”
Click on the link to read the article and watch Jaime’s video interview (subject to ABC7 availability): http://www.abc-7.com/story/17140877/2012/03/12/march-madness-office-pool-legal-tips.

*Paul Gessler, “March Madness’ office pool legal tips,” ABC7, Fort Myers, FL, March 12, 2012.


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